Virtual Ward Rounds

A Virtual Ward Round (VWR) is a supplementary workflow to current ward rounds primarily suited to support those sessions where remote medical staff are required to be 'virtually' present onsite with patients.

During May and June of 2020, two trials were conducted to test the VWR workflow in true ward round settings with live patients. Find out more about the trial here

How does VWR work?

Using Microsoft Teams, remote medical staff are able to video call in from their homes or offsite location and have them be visibly seen and communicable to onsite ward round teams and patients.


vwr workflow graphic
Getting started

If you and your team are interested in incorporating a virtual ward round workflow to your ward rounds, please ensure consultation and approval has been given by your head of division and staff member/s who manage the ward rounds.

Here is a checklist to help you get started on implementing a VWR:

  • please have a read through the results of the VWR Trial and refer to the resource links on the right hand tab to get a better understanding of the virtual ward round workflow
  • determine portable device to use for the onsite ward round team e.g. tablet. If you wish to find out more about potential QH devices and its procurement, please click here
  • please ensure you consult your ward round team, ward round manager and seek divisional approval prior to commencing, procuring devices or requesting for assistance in setting up.

If you need assistance in setting up a virtual ward round, please have your ward round manager fill and submit the online request form below.

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