Follow Me Desktop (FMD) access

Follow me desktop allows you to access your desktop from any device. After logging in, you will be able to see your standard desktop with a green background. You will have access to your usual applications and programs (ie. ieMR, Microsoft Word, EDS, PACS).
Each external account will cost $33.00 per employee each month.
View a full list of applications available using MyApps.
How to organise FMD access for an employee

Have you spoken to your manager or director? Discuss with your line manager or director if FMD supports your role working remotely.

You will need to have a mobile on hand to verify your identity and download some software.

Follow the instructions below to gain access:

  1. Setup RSA On-Demand Authentication. RSA On-Demand Authentication is a security measure that is needed for FMD.
  2. Use the Request Follow me desktop instructions to organise access. This form is sent to the nominated line manager for approval.
  3. Use the Request MyApps access guide to complete the process. Once completed, this form is sent to the nominated line manager for approval.
  4. Check if a VMware Horizon Client is installed on your device. If VMware Horizon Client is not on your device:
  1. To login to FMD follow the instructions in the Accessing Follow Me Desktop (FMD) from an external device guide.
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