Bring your own device (BYOD)

BYOD is a free service allowing you to access to Office 365 applications and QHEPS.
Important: BYOD is only supported on iOS 12.4.2 or later and Android 8.1.0 or later. Any devices running versions earlier than this will not be able to access BYOD.
How to organise BYOD access for an employee

Before gaining BYOD access, you will need to get approval from your line manager or director.

You will need to have a mobile on hand to verify your identity and download some software.

Follow the instructions below to gain access:

  1. Complete the Smart Devices-BYOD Self-Managed form. This will be automatically sent to your manager for approval.
  2. Once the form has been approved, the device will need to be added to the MobileIron user portal (logging on with your Novell and password) while connected to the Queensland Health network – you cannot do this on a device external to the Queensland Health network.  Use the Adding device to bring your own device guide to help you through this process.
  3. You will need a PIN to activate BYOD on your Android or Apple device. You will receive this PIN via email or access it through the MobileIron app.
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