5 July 2018

Welcome to the new
Digital Health Service Website

The new website is now here!

What does this mean to me?

The new website will still provide access to the same content, however, the search functionalities and look has now changed. To view these changes click the learn more button now.

Can I still access the website via my desktop icon?

Yes! The desktop icon will still redirect you to the new website.

Why is there a new website?

The new website will provide an enhanced search functionality, assisting clinicians to quickly access resources and information, allowing staff to continue to provide the best patient care.

Can I still use my mobile app?

The mobile app is temporarily unavailable. We endeavour to have the app functioning as soon as possible, in the interim, all staff are encouraged to utilise their web browser. 

Quick Links

  • Quick Reference Guides - Click here
  • Downtime Resources - Click here
  • Latest News - Click here

Do you require support?

Don't forget Adoption Services are still available to answer any questions you may. For support contact:

  • Ext. 8800 or
  • 3176 8800 for external callers.