To log into Queensland COVID Vaccination Management Solution (QCVMS) please use Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

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For support call Digital Health Clinical Consultation Services (DHCC)

ext.8800 or 3176 8800

What is QCVMS?

QCVMS is the Queensland COVID-19 Vaccination Management Solution, has been developed between Queensland Health and Microsoft to support a safe, efficient and responsible vaccination of Queenslander's.

There are four main functions of QCVMS including:

  • Registration Portal - Release 1 is for invitation only, prioritised cohorts to book an appointment at a designated clinic.
  • Frontline Application - Allows Hospital Administrators to view a calendar of bookings and check in clients on the day. Clinicians are able to record the administration details, monitoring of adverse events and check out.
  • Reporting and Analytics - Providing an organisational and state-wide view of registrations, appointments and doses administered.
  • Command Centre - A central point to manage vaccination efforts with oversight of the entire program.
How do I get access?

If you are working in the Vaccination Clinic speak to the in-charge or line manager.

Who can access QCVMS?

Only staff working in the Vaccination Clinic and the Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) have access to this system.

Where do I view a consumer's COVID immunisation record?

The Australian Immunisation Register is the source of truth for tracking the number of COVID-19 Vaccines. This should only be accessed within clinical scope of your role. All staff must adhere to the Code of Conduct, Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011. It is every individual’s responsibility to uphold the Code of Conduct and clinical information systems are monitored frequently.

If you are unsure or, come across a conflict notify your Line Manager to escalate to the local Health Information Management Service and local HR.

What to do in a QCVMS Downtime?

In the event of a downtime please contact the Digital Health Clinical Consultation Services team on ext.8800 or 3176 8800

QCVMS Paper-based Downtime Forms - what does a clinic need to print?

In the event of a downtime please refer to the QCVMS Downtime and Recovery Overview Document by clicking here and see below suggested list of paper-based downtime forms:

Consent Forms

Screening Forms

Enrollment Forms

Administration Forms

Adverse Event Form


The Vaccine Clinic must send an email via the electronic Excel downtime templates containing downtime data to the QCVMS Support Team who will arrange an upload directly into QCVMS.

Ensure citizen data is collated into the following QCVMS Microsoft Excel Downtime Templates and upload as per instruction before 19:00 on any day where their clinic has gone into a downtime.