ieMR Nursing Perioperative Training | 8 hr Session 

ieMR Nursing Perioperative Training is mandatory for all nursing staff who work in the Perioperative/Endoscopy Department. This is a foundation ieMR Course that introduces PowerChart, Medication Administration Record, and SurgiNet (Preop and Postop Records). This course is offered in facility orientation weeks for Logan-Beaudesert, QEII and Redland.  

Book into a session by visiting Leap Online and searching for Course Code 1583. 

Please note, this course is offered as part of the Nursing Orientation package. If you are unsure if this course is for you, speak to your Nurse Unit Manager or Nurse Educator. 

Refer to the attachment for further information.

Time and Frequency
Refer to Leap Online - Bookings Required
Beaudesert Hospital
Logan Hospital
Princess Alexandra Hospital
QEII Hospital
Bayside Health Service