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I am returning from leave, what training do I need to complete?

Please talk to your line manager or visit the training page for training courses and information  here.


We are currently experiencing a downtime, where do I go for resources

Please visit the downtime tab located at the top of this page immediately or contact Ext. 8800 or 3176 8800 for external callers.


I have received training, how do I obtain ieMR access?

Speak to your line manager or log log a job via the Self-Service Centre here. For help logging a job, view the quick reference guide here.


My Password has expired, what do I do?

Call 1800 198 175


Tap on Tap off is not working, what do I do?

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide here

If your card is not enrolled, for first time use, enrol the card as per the prompts listed in the QRG.


I need to request Rapid Access (Tap on Tap off), what do I do?

Contact your line manager to log a job here


Medications are in the MAR Summary, however they are not in the MAR

Medications have been ordered in the wrong encounter. From the correct encounter, Doctors can highlight all relevant orders, righly click and select cancel/reorder.


The Patient Chart is locked in the ieMR

Please call Adoption Services on Ext. 8800 or 3176 8800 for external callers, during Monday-Friday 7am - 7pm.

For after hours, call the after hours Nurse Unit Manager to unlock.


Vital signs are appearing in the Managing Deterioration page and not in the encounter, what do I do?

Check the patient's armband is current for the encounter

Vital Signs are not transferring from the VSM into the patient's chart

a. Check that the clinican scanned the patients Aztec Code.

b. Is the novel displayed on the VSM the same as the clinicans? if the novel appearing on the VSM is incorrect, results will not transfer.

c. Is the patients name appearing on the VSM screen or random alpha/numeric? Without the correct patient name displayed, results will not transfer, after scanning patient armband wait for the patient's name to display before pressing start.

Vital Signs Monitor Guide here


Medication chart locked

A user name will appear on the screen. Ask the user named to get out of patient chart. If user is not in chart call Adoption Services on Ext 8800 or 3176 8800

ESM lock

  • Check that the user who locked the patient is currently not making changes. View locks in ESM  and remove lock. If no locks visible call Adoption Services on Ext 8800 or 3176 8800

SAA case locked

  • Call Adoption Services on Ext 8800 or 3176 8800

I am unable to login to Powerchart/computer,  due to password issues/too many attempts.

Please wait 15 minutes and try again. If problems persist call IT Support 1800198175


How do I  end a bag and start a new bag

To end a bag refer to this QRG


How to unchart in MAR/interactive view 

Right click on documented task/result, select unchart, document reason for unchart in popup box.


How to delete/in error document

Go to document list. Left click to select the document. Select In Error and document the reason in the popup box. Only the person in the Performed by line has the ability to In error.


How to change heparin infusion rate order

Please refer to the QRG here


I am having printing issues

I am having issues printing specimen labels and/or documents

  • already marked as collected – open order info and find accession number. Select label reprint from toolbar, enter accession number and label printer then print

I am having issues printing documents

  • printer not set as default in windows – open Devices and Printers from Windows menu. Right click on printer and select Set as default printer

Problems printing scripts:

  • trying to print from an inpatient order rather than a script- cancel and reorder as discharge script;
  • PBS queue dropped off ieMR – restart computer. Call 8800 if still missing;
  • WIFI connection dropped off printer – switch printer off for 10sec and turn back on again then reprint (right click on order and select print rx)

Still having issues? Please call Ext. 8800 or 3176 8800 for external callers.


I am unable to find the medication task on MAR

If the order is visible on the orders page/mar summary the order has been placed in the wrong encounter – contact the doctor.


Who is my ieMR access approver?

In order to complete ieMR access, it is a requirement that an Authorising Manager is nominated to complete the request.

How: ieMR access is requested through IT Support. An active Novell account along with being proficient in the applicable training is a prerequisite.

For access, log a job via the Online Provisioning System.


ieMR Access - Authorising Group Nominated
Primary Directors of each Service (includes: Pharmacy, Clinical Training, ED, Medical Services, Paediatrics, Surgery, Anaesthetics, Medicine, Medical Imaging, Integrated Care, O&B, HIMS, Ambulatory Care)
Secondary Proxy as nominated by the Directors of each service
Tertiart MSH Digital Hospital Adoption Service

I get an error message when I login to ieMR?

Please log an IT Support request to request key chain access.

How: View the Quick Reference Guide: Logging a key chain ieMR access job

Who: This job is completed by DAS and RadNet/SurgiNet (Site Support Team).


Frequently asked ESM questions:


How do I add a new slot to an appointment book?

 Right click > slots > add slots >All slot types (pick your slot type) > drag into the appropriate time slot on the right side of the screen and press ‘OK’.


 I need to add a new clinic or doctor into a book?

Please fill out the ESM activity form and log a job via through Service Now.


I am unable to book my appointment into ESM even though the doctor and clinic is correct?

Please check that your slot type matches the appointment. You may need to change the appt type or add a slot (e.g., you should not book a chart only appt type into a review or consult slot. In this instance you will need to add a ‘chart only’ slot into the clinic).


I am unable to see the books I need?

Please log an IT Support request to request key chain access.

How: View the Quick Reference Guide: Logging a key chain ieMR access job

Who: Site 'System Administrators' complete the request as per the MSH Support Model (page 57).

Please note: ALL ESM outpatient key chain access job are completed by Site ESM Team (HHS MST OUTPATIENT) or PROXY - MSH Adoption Service by logging a IT Support Job.


Frequently asked FirstNet questions:

A duplicate UR# has been created by the triage nurse. It has been picked up at triage, how do I cancel the encounter?

Firstly, make sure that the nurse has re-triaged the patient under the correct UR#. To cancel the encounter you must go to conversation launcher > cancel encounter > search for the patients duplicate URN and select the encounter you wish to cancel > Double check the details are correct and press OK > Cancel out of the screen and refresh your list. The duplicate should drop off.


 A patient has an incorrect name or DOB, can I change it?

 Check the patients chart for any orders that may have been placed. If there are no orders you are able to update the patients details in HBCIS. If the patient HAS orders against their name, please record the details in the ‘Key Field Changes’ book located within your department and update 24hrs after the patient is discharged from ED. Place a note in the CLINICAL notes so nursing staff and doctors are able to see. A nurse or doctor might also like a note to be placed in the chart.



What ieMR training do I need to complete?

For training courses and information visit the training page here


Is ieMR training mandatory and do I need to attend?

Yes. Training is mandatory.


I haven’t got a Novell username and password, can I still get ieMR training?

Yes, you can.  Please contact your Line Manager to organise your Novell username and password as soon as possible.


How do I register for training?

To register for training, log into your LEAPOnline account here.  Search for the relevant course code and enrol. For more information on course details visit the training page here.

There isn’t an upcoming course, who do I contact for ieMR training?

Please contact the Metro South Digital Training Team via


I am having issues enrolling into a course, who do I contact?

Please contact your Line Manager/Educator or LEAPOnline 07 3176 2222.


I can no longer attend ieMR training, who should I contact?

Please contact the Metro South Digital Training Team via


My new starter doesn’t have a LEAP account, what do I need to do as a Line Manager?

Please visit LEAPOnline New Starters