a digital rostering solution - rostering made easy

In partnership with Metro South Nursing and Midwifery Services, Clinical Informatics are working to deliver foundational improvement and standardisation of rostering services. From mid 2021 Rostering Made Easy (RME) will deliver greater functionality, access and efficiency to line managers and staff on a secure, streamlined platform.

What is Rostering Made Easy (RME)?

Rostering Made Easy (RME) is a custom built, web-based rostering application that is designed by a multi-disciplinary team of nursing, midwives and IT specialists to meet nursing and midwifery rostering requirements.

The rostering app leverages existing functionality but seeks to improve the user experience and deliver benefits to all levels of the organisation. It is anticipated this will replace existing rostering solutions and be utilised by inpatient, ICU, ED, Operating Theatre nursing and midwifery staff across MSH.

Why is RME important?

The rostering app will be developed to meet the following objectives and business requirements:

  • Increase workplace satisfaction through providing a single solution that encourages fair and equitable working arrangements for nursing and midwifery staff.
  • Improve the visibility and transparency of nurse rosters by providing a consistent, consolidated and secure platform to support rostering for all ‘in scope’ inpatient units.
  • Improve patient care outcomes by providing a solution that supports the organisation to roster in accordance to Business Planning Framework, industrial agreements and care need requirements (staff to patient ratios and skill mix).
  • Reduce labour costs associated with nursing agency, fatigue leave, and other award penalties applied in error that could have been avoided with improved reporting and system constraints (e.g. system logic to prohibit fatigue leave without approvals).
  • Reduce the amount of administration time that experienced, senior clinicians are spending on associated the current roster.

Changes for Nursing and Midwifery staff

The rostering app will deliver a number of advantages to staff including:

  • improved useability for staff currently using MS Excel or paper rostering solutions
  • complete electronic management of the roster from entry of requests, submission to payroll and daily staffing
  • centralised rostering assistance to support troubleshooting, training and maintenance
  • secure, accessible and robust online roster solution
  • roster developed right the first time - custom features and alerts supporting industrial agreements
  • ongoing optimisation based on end user experience will continue to deliver an improved rostering experience.

What does this mean for my rosters?

For line managers the rostering app will provide a safe, secure and robust platform to efficiently create and manage rosters supported by real-time decision support in line with Business Planning Frameworks, industrial agreements and care need requirements via monitoring/alerts/tool tips.

How can I provide feedback on the rostering app?

Speak to your line manager or contact your Director of Nursing and/or Midwifery services or email MSHNM_RME_Support@health.qld.gov.au