21 January 2021

Telehealth changes

Telehealth changes are coming - are you ready?  

From 31 December 2020, Cisco Movi software will no longer be available. Staff will need to transition to the Telehealth Portal, a web based videoconferencing platform free for all Queensland Health Staff members.

The Telehealth Portal is a free, web-browser based platform available to all Queensland Health employees to use. It doesn’t require a license, installation or password to use. The platform will replace CISCO Movi which previously was used for generic account login. 

The replacement means staff who had previously held a generic login will no longer need a login with the new platform.

A Telehealth Portal icon has been added to your desktop, click on the icon (pictured below) to commence a telehealth session. No login details are required to start using WebRTC. Ensure you are using Microsoft Edge Chromium or Google Chrome for full functionality. Refer to the full guide by clicking here

Visited the new Telehealth Services Web Page yet? If not click here to view.