5 June 2018

Staff Support for Go Live

24 May 2018

The Digital Hospital Go Live for QEII Hospital commences Monday 4 June when the digital system is ‘switched on'.

The Go Live Command Centre will commence 24/7 support for all hospital staff to assist where needed with the digital system.

Command Centre Support Lead, Sylvia Iskra said "support would include clinical support staff called ‘floor walkers’, who will be located in each area at the time Go Live commences."

"Ward and unit Change Champions will be identifiable on the ward with ‘Digital Hospital Change Champion Red Sticker’,” Sylvia said.

“At the elbow support will be available for clinicians by clinicians, and can be available by speaking to phone support staff.

"Staff need to call extension 8800 for floorwalkers support."

"It is important that Staff familiarise themselves with what Support is available to them at Go Live" Sylvia said.

Sylvia has been involved in other Metro South facility implementations and believes the QEII implementation will be as successful as the preceeding sites.