11 May 2021

Queensland Master Patient Index (QMPI)

The Queensland Master Patient Index

On Tuesday 18 May from 9pm the Client Directory solution will be replaced with the Queensland Master Patient Index (QMPI). From 9pm Tuesday 18 May to 4am Wednesday 19 May there will be a seven-hour delay of information between ieMR, HBCIS, CIMHA, Patient Flow Manager and AUSLAB. Please note that all current clinical workflows can continue.

Please observe the following suggested workarounds and instructions. 

Information for staff updating Patient details in HBCIS (Admin Staff)

For staff that update HBCIS details, please be aware of the following:

  • The way details are updated when you modify HBCIS registration will change with the introduction of QMPI.
  • Updating the PMI Notes field or Financial Notes field to refresh information will no longer result in the person’s demographic details being updated in the ieMR.

Updating a field with exactly the same information that was previously in the field will not trigger an ieMR demographic details update.

To ensure the ieMR record is updated, it is recommended the Business Phone Number field (field 21 or 22) be modified following the below guidelines:

  1. If the Business Phone Number field is blank, enter the patient’s mobile phone number.
  2. If the Business Phone Number is already a copy of the patient’s mobile phone number, clear the value from the Business Phone Number field.
  3. If the Business Phone Number is a different number to the mobile phone number both must be retained
  4. If the home phone is the same as the mobile phone, remove the home phone.
    • NB - Only remove a home phone number if it is exactly the same as the mobile.
  5. If all three phone numbers are different, and field 17 (Address line 2) is blank – enter a “.” in the field and then File off. Remove the “.” and file off again.

DO NOT replace the business phone number with the exact same phone number. Please refer to the below image. 

HBCIS Patient Registration Screen

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact your local Health Information Management Unit.


Further information and clinical workarounds will be communicated via the ieMR Alerts Email closer to the date.