15 April 2020

Iron Infusion Powerplan Updates

ieMR System Improvements – Iron Infusion PowerPlan Updates

There are now three new Iron Infusion PowerPlans that were implemented into the ieMR on Tuesday 14th April 2020;

  • Iron Intravenous Carboxymaltose Infusion Adult
  • Iron Intravenous Polymaltose Infusion Adult
  • Iron Infusion Maternity

These enhancements have been made to improve workflows and align broadly with guidelines across the state. Further detail around the specific changes can be found within the following factsheets:

  • General Adult Iron Infusion PowerPlan Updates - click here
  • Maternity Iron Infusion Updates - click here

Useful Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) have also been developed to support prescribers when ordering iron infusions:

  • Medications – Ordering Iron IV Polymaltose Infusion PowerPlan - click here
  • Medications – Ordering Iron IV Carboxymaltose Infusion PowerPlan - click here
  • Medications – Maternity IV Iron PowerPlan - click here

If you have any further questions or require ieMR support, please call Digital Health Clinical Consultation Services on 3176 8800.