23 June 2020

ieMR System Improvements – Pharmacy Care Organiser (PCO)

ieMR System Improvements – Pharmacy Care Organiser (PCO)

The Pharmacy Care Organiser (PCO) will be available within the ieMR from Wednesday 1 July 2020. You will receive notification from your Director of Pharmacy once the PCO has been validated and is ready for use.

The PCO is a real-time, interactive display of a patient list which includes some clinically relevant information specifically designed for Pharmacists. It is expected to significantly aid in the Pharmacist’s daily workflow by providing an overall view of their patient load, displaying some face-up clinically relevant information, and enabling handover communication to be documented and available in a more consistent manner.

The overall purpose of the PCO is as a prioritisation tool for Pharmacists within ieMR. It is important to note that the PCO is not to be utilised to clinically review a patient. All clinical patient reviews are to continue as per usual workflows.

For further guidance around the recommended PCO view and PCO workflows, refer to the following guides:

  • PCO Factsheet May 2020 - click here
  • PCO Manual (request access through your local SEPAG member)
  • PCO Patient List Creation Quick Reference Guide (QRG) - click here
  • PCO Customisation and Functionality (QRG) - click here

If you have any further questions or require ieMR support, please call Digital Health Clinical Consultation Services on 3176 8800