4 November 2020

ieMR System Update - eARP and ePARP

Electronic Acute Resuscitation Plan (eARP) and Electronic Paediatric Acute Resuscitation Plan (ePARP)

The introduction of an Electronic Acute Resuscitation Plan (eARP) and the Electronic Paediatric Acute Resuscitation Plan (ePARP) solution in the ieMR is planned for Wednesday 2 December 2020. The eARP and ePARP will introduce the following: 

  • Visibility of the 'ARP Status' on the Patient's Banner Bar
  • Electronic ARP (and Paediatric ARP) forms to reflect the current (Version 6) of the paper ARP/PARP forms
  • Single custom ARP page within the ieMR to provide a rapid and effective way to access ARP/PARP documentation including
    • Commencing, reading, modifying documents
    • Display of the Resuscitation Management Plan (if ARP active)
  • Update to existing ieMR system generated alerts
  • Workflows to support:
    • Documentation for transfer of care (and downtime)
    • Reporting and data maintenance activities

To capture benefits of the eARP and ePARP implementation please take the time to share your feedback on the eHealth Queensland survey by clicking here.


Quick Reference Guides

  • Reviewing an ARP / PARP - click here

  • Accessing the ARP / PARP - coming soon 

  • Creating an ARP / PARP - click here

  • Modifying an ARP / PARP - click here

  • Voiding or Marking an ARP/PARP 'in error' - click here

  • Printing an ARP / PARP - click here

  • Printing Patient Transfer Reports: Medical Record Request/ Med Transfer Report - click here

  • Downtime Viewer - Accessing the ARP / PARP - click here

  • HIMS - coming soon 


Fact Sheets

  • eARP and ePARP November Update Fact sheet - click here


There are two web based training modules available via LEAPOnline. To register and complete search for the following Course Codes on LEAPOnline

  • Course Code: DIG-1642 - Module 1: ieMR eARP ePARP General WBT
  • Course Code: DIG-1643 - Module 2: ieMR eARP ePARP Create, Modify and Void WBT. 


  • Accessing and Reviewing eARP and ePARP Overview Video - click here
  • Creating, Modifying and Voiding eARP and ePARP Overview Video - click here

Further information and guides to preparing for this implementation will be released closer to the go live date. Check back on this page for latest information and changes.

If you have  queries or concerns regarding this information contact the Digital Health Clinical Consultation Services on 3176 8800.