In June 2018, QEII Hospital joined Metro South Health becoming a digitalised facility.

This inclusion has assisted Metro South Health to become the first digitalised health service in Australia, by replacing paper-based medical records with electronic medical records. This now means that all patients’ medical information is documented and accessed via a secure electronic medical record system.

This milestone plays a vital role in Metro South Health striving to become the center of excellence in patient care.

At QEII Hospital all patients have an electronic medical record instead of a paper file. Clinicians and staff members use computer programs, electronic medical devices and computer equipment to document and access patient medical information and to support clinical care. A digital hospital system supports clinical care by providing quick access to up to date patient medical information from any location in that hospital.

The Digital hospital system, or integrated electronic medical record (ieMR), is utilised by a number of Queensland Health hospitals. These hospitals have gradually incorporated different functions and features of the ieMR in a staged approach to assist increase patient care.

Is the Digital Hospital system safe for patients?

Digital hospital systems are proven to improve patient safety in hospitals in Australia and overseas. Measurable benefits in a digital hospital include reduced adverse effects due to medications errors, and faster response times for deteriorating patients.

How will the State-wide system be suitable for our hospital?

The ieMR system has been designed and built to support state wide clinical protocols, procedures and standards for health care, applicable across all hospitals in Queensland. In some cases, a hospital has clinical workflows which are unique to that hospital.