5 June 2018

Well done QEII! ESM is now Live!

04 May 2018

Congratulations QEII Administration Staff and Outpatient Departments who have successfully commenced Enterprise Scheduling Management (ESM). The implementation kicked off on Monday 30 April 2018 with all clinics live.

Digital Hospital Project Manager for ESM and Information Management Cassie O’Brien said the new system will increase integration with a patient’s electronic record and offer greater visibility of a patient’s outpatient past and upcoming treatment across ieMR facilities.

“ESM also provides cross-clinic views which support clinic management,” Cassie said.

“It has been a successful start so far.

“As with any large IT implementation, there were some teething problems at first,” she said.

“There are positive vibes amongst the staff and the support crew as we take things one step at a time.

“The fact that staff attended their training sessions, practice labs and workflow sessions has meant we have been able to begin on a strong note.

Additional training is still on offer this week through LeapOnline for those staff seeking a refresher, and there is plenty of support on hand for staff including floorwalkers and the support centre.

Should any outpatient schedulers need support during Go Live, please call #8800.