1 June 2018

Emergency Department preparing for Go Live!

01 June 2018

Meet Louise Welldon, CNC Emergency Department at QEII Hospital who is ensuring the Emergency Department is ready for Digital.

Louise and the team in ED have been working closely with the Digital FirstNet Team to ensure staff are supported for the digital transformation.

“We’ve created FirstNet Quick Action Cards to condense complex workflows for our staff to safely and effectively move patients through ED,”

“the Quick Action cards are like a checklist for staff as we transition, the information is very ED specific. ” Louise said.

“We have planned so staff will feel supported with resources such as QRGs, FirstNet Quick Action cards, resource folders as well as the floor support that will be available”.

“Staff have been attending training and completing additional practice activities in preparation for the digital transformation”

“The morning of ED Go Live will be very busy with staff accessing the system and familiarising themselves with the new workflows”.

If staff require support during Go Live, call Ext: 8800.