31 May 2018

Medical Imaging - ready for Digital!

Take a short trip down Hospital Street to visit Logan Medical Imaging Department (MID) and you will discover a very enthusiastic, energetic, vibrant team of staff who are embracing change, new technology and system upgrades, at the same time continuing to provide excellent service and care to patients.

Prior to the digital hospital Go Live in November 2017, the MID will undergo a significant system upgrade to their Radiology Information System.

Director of Medical Imaging, Mark Horder said that though his team are in the thick of massive change, they are looking forward to the implementation of the new Radiology Information System, or K4 as the MID like to refer to it, and the ieMR.

“The ieMR will improve service delivery to our hospital’s internal and external customers,” Mark said.

“It will enable all hospital clinicians who request medical imaging to see live updates reflecting the booking status.

“Requests can be electronically made from the ieMR directly to MID and the imaging reports can be electronically sent back to the patient’s ieMR.

“The K4 is required to allow for seamless integration with the ieMR and is a user-friendly, smarter system which will streamline daily operations.

“It has features and functionality built in to the system that simplifies departmental workflow such as patient arrival, scheduling of patient appointments and receiving and registering requests.

“Patients will be able to receive SMS appointment reminders and appointment letters, via email, which will help reduce departmental costs and improve communication with patients.”

Leading the change management for MID are the ‘Changels’ – Change Angels (AKA Change Champions).  Change Champions meet fortnightly to develop new workflows, brainstorm ideas and possible efficiencies ahead of the ieMR implementation and then provide feedback to their respective areas.


Sep 19, 2017