18 August 2017

Training set to begin!

The digital hospital training program is now ready for bookings!

With courses starting on Monday 21 August, staff at Logan and Beaudesert are encouraged to log into LeapOnline and book your sessions (Beaudesert Nursing End User Training is currently being finalised - further information to come).

Sessions include:
- Facilitator-led sessions in a classroom, where an expert trainer will teach you how to use the  ieMR system
- Web Based Training (WBT) modules that Logan and Beaudesert staff members can complete using LeapOnline on any device at any time. These programs will also be available on iLearn for non-Metro South staff when applicable.
- Practice Labs where staff can go to practice ieMR skills at your own pace, with support if needed

Course requirements will range from four to 8 hours, depending on your role.

Digital Hospital Business Delivery Director, Mel Tucker, said that customised training sessions for each clinical stream and area will ensure that every staff member can access the best training for their role.

The training courses were prepared after close consultation with clinicians and managers from Logan and Beaudesert Hospitals.
Executive Director, Dr Jacinta Powell said the launch of the training program was the next big step in our transformation to digital hospitals.

“I encourage all staff to speak with their line manager and work out which courses they need to complete.
“We look forward to seeing which areas and streams can complete their training first!”
Beaudesert Nursing End User Training is currently under revision to be finalised. 

Training Quick Facts

- Training is mandatory
- Use LeapOnline to book
- Contact LBHdigitaltraining@health.qld.gov.au if you have questions