17 October 2017

Pharmacy embrace digital transformation

The Pharmacy Department at Logan Hospital have embraced digital hospital transformation with open arms and have planned multiple ways to support their team as they prepare for Go Live.

Acting Assistant Director of Pharmacy, Erin O’Donnell, said the Pharmacy Management Team have followed sound advice from other pharmacists across the country who have already been through the digital transformation.

“The main piece of advice that stuck with us was to get involved as much as possible right from the outset.

“Whilst the ieMR will see the demise of our beloved purple pen, we are eagerly anticipating the major benefits of having immediate centralised access to critical information to facilitate safe, efficient care for our patients.

The Pharmacy Department recognise that going digital is likely to be the largest positive patient-centred change they will experience in their respective careers and therefore are keen to throw their support behind this transformation.

“We have three Pharmacists in the Digital Project team, three Pharmacists in the team of Clinical Trainers and 15 Change Champions who have planned a multi-pronged approach to supporting our team pre, during and post Go Live. 

“Back in July we commenced with a heavy focus on digital hospital familiarisation and since then we commenced training at the start of October which will continue into early November.

“We have proficiency evaluation in complex medications after the completion of Pharmacist training and we have also created the “Chill zone” which is an interactive learning laboratory where computers are set up so our team can drop in before or after their shifts or during their breaks, to workshop practice cases and patients in order to enhance their exposure to and confidence with the ieMR.”

Pharmacy Management are carefully rostering our team to ensure the appropriate complement of staff (Management, Change Champions and Frontline Staff) are available over the Go Live period to both support the transition team and maintain business-as-usual activity.

“We have also planned for regular team scrums in the Go-Live period to ensure the accurate communication of critical information”, Erin said.