9 November 2017

Dr Rosalind Crawford, a link between medical services and digital hospital

Digital Hospital’s Director of Medical Services, Dr Rosalind Crawford, is confident that the benefits of the digital hospital system are significant and will be well worth the efforts required to implement the system.

Dr Crawford’s role is focused on ensuring that medical staff at Logan and Beaudesert are well supported during the Go Live and that clinical activities are optimised.

“Going Live is described as more complex than building and moving into a new hospital, so the impact of the change for our staff cannot be under estimated,” Dr Crawford said.

“However the benefits for our patients when we become a digital hospital are significant and it will be well worth it.

“I believe that care coordination between departments will be improved and will lead to shorter lengths of stay; and advanced medication decision support will lead to reduced medication errors.

“There is an opportunity to optimise and improve the care we provide to patients through our digital clinical workflow decisions, and digital transparency will improve information flow between clinicians.

“Every day I see an opportunity for digital to help us care for our patients. An example we have already seen at PAH is with real time monitoring of antibiotics use. This will enable us to better manage the antibiotic shortage that we have at the moment.

Dr Crawford saw a digital hospital Go Live first-hand at PAH with the roll out of medications.

“It was an extraordinary and valuable experience to be at PAH for their Go Live for medications and to participate in the clinical governance of the project.

“It was a lot of fun and professionally rewarding, with a great team of clinicians and digital team members working so well together.

“For Logan, we are applying the lessons we learned from the PAH implementation.

“Many of the digital team have a lot of experience now and we are doing really well from a readiness perspective here.

“The culture at Logan and Beaudesert is fantastic and I feel confident that Logan and Beaudsert staff members are well placed to undertake an excellent digital roll out.”