11 January 2018

Congratulations Beaudesert Hospital!

Congratulations to Beaudesert Hospital staff on a successful Go Live! Beaudesert Hospital is now Queensland's first rural digital hospital!

Digital Hospital Clinical Delivery Director Noelene Herbert said the staff at Beaudesert Hospital have worked very hard to ensure a successful transition.

"The staff have positively welcomed the transition and the Go Live process went smoothly, with everyone keen to get involved," Noelene said.

"The fact that staff attended their training sessions, practice labs and workflow sessions has meant we have been able to begin on a strong note.

"24/7 support from floor walkers will continue on site until 19 January, so everyone can get comfortable with the new system." Noelene said.

"We will handover to our Metro South Health Adoption Services team for ongoing support." Noelene said.

Please call 3299 8800 to request support for the digital hospital system.