20 September 2017

Beaudesert prepares to deliver digital

In the past few weeks there has been increased activity to prepare for digital hospital at Beaudesert!  End user training sessions have commenced and the change champion forums have been well attended. There are green digital hospital “noticewalls” everywhere, new Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) installed and even the hospital display at the Beaudesert Show had a digital theme.

Beaudesert Clinical Nurse, Veronica Noble, is part of the Digital Hospital Care Delivery project team and said Beaudesert staff members are looking forward to the benefits the ieMR will bring to caring for patients.

“Sometimes it can be difficult accessing our patients’ medical information from our rural location,” Veronica said.

“Having immediate access to electronic patient medical records   will be a great support at the bedside.

“The ieMR will also help us with resource planning and the transparency of information will be of great benefit when it comes to handover.” 

Beaudesert Change Champions are continuing their digital hospital training and now with the arrival of the WOWs, can practice using their new ieMR skills with test patients.